We welcome all inquiries for cooperation. Since we are a group of guides, we do not have limitations to cooperate with any travel agency in the world. In fact, we are happy if you would like to offer our tours to your clients, or if you would like a custom tour to be created.

 We offer the possibility to create an exclusive custom tour, one that can be offered just by your travel agency.

 If you want to contact a specific guide to cooperate with, you are free to do so. Contact e-mails are presented next to their profiles. We will in the end communicate amongst ourselves on our own. We would like only to stress the advantage of contacting us as a group:

  • ability to replace sick or injured guides
  • ability to have more guides for large groups
  • ability to guide several bicycle rides at the same time
  • ability to provide back support if needed
  • diverse background that can be combined

 Whatever your demand is, we can be your bicycle guiding and consulting team in Macedonia.