The terms and conditions presented here are to illustrate our way of work, so we can have a mutual understanding. Please understand that the specific terms and conditions may vary, depending on the package and the tourist agency trough which you have booked the bicycle tour or excursion. Know that the agency’s terms and conditions prevail in case of a dispute.


The roads

 All bicycle tours and excursions are done on public roads paved or unpaved, and sometimes on local dirt or forest roads. The routes have been designed so that it follows the road with least traffic. However traffic (cars and maybe trucks) may be encountered. Please be aware that the vehicle drivers in Macedonia may not always leave plenty of space to the bicycle riders. Each participant must maintain his safety and the safety of others.


Behaviour and safety

 These bicycle tours and excursions are not bicycle races, so each participant must adhere to the local traffic rules and follow the instructions of the guide. The participants are travelling at their own risk and must maintain their own safety at all times. Therefore the participants must recognize this and waiver any liability of the guide in case of an accident by signing a written, sworn statement.


Geography and hazards

 The Macedonian geography is all mountains. Therefore most of our rides include passing over mountains.
 We, as guides take all necessary precautions regarding the safety of the ride. However, we are also aware that sometimes accidents can happen (though we have not had one yet). In case an accident does occur, please turn to the guide. Republic of Macedonia has a Protection and Rescue Directorate and a Mountain Rescue Team that is part of the Red Cross.



 We all love, respect and care about nature and our environment. We hope that you do too. Therefore during our tours there is no littering along the roads (however they may be already dirty). If you do need to throw some garbage, please keep it until the first litter box appears. Disturbing and harming animals or plants is a double no. However, we encourage you to take photographs as much as you like.



  Each participant should well communicate to the guide about his/hers physical and mental state (fitness, endurance, orientation in space, etc.) that is relevant for the bicycle tour or excursion. It is up to the participant to determine whether that particular bicycle tour or excursion is suitable for him/her. The guide can only recommend on the basis what the participant has told him.



 Where it is not stated a minimum number for the ride to take place, it is considered that one person is sufficient to have a guided bicycle ride. If a minimum number of participants is required, be aware that if this number is not reached, the bicycle tour or excursion will not take part. However, if you do insist that the bicycle tour or excursion must occur even with a smaller than minimum number of participants, know that this will increase the price.

 For certain bicycle tours or excursions, there is a limit to maximum number of participants per group. This limit is due to certain physical constraints, such as accommodation capacity, transportation vehicle capacity, etc.

 For larger groups a second or even a third guide is engaged. We believe that small groups of 4 to 8 people are best for experiencing the ride. Therefore we have an additional guide for every group of 8 to 10 people, depending on the characteristics of the ride.



 All tours and excursions require an advanced reservation.

 Bicycle excursions require at least 1 day prior reservation. These reservations should be made before the end of the working time of that prior day – 17:00h.

 The bicycle tours normally require at least 1 week reservation prior the tour. However this may be variable, depending on the type and duration of the tour, so this is defined for each tour.


Guaranteed dates

 Bicycle tours and excursions that are offered with guaranteed departure dates are indicated. The date is guaranteed only if the minimum number of participants is fulfilled. In case the minimum number of participants is not fulfilled you will be offered for a change or money return.



  All tours are organized in cooperation either with a tourist agency or a hotel. All payments are done through them. Payment directly to the guide is not possible. Therefore advanced booking is required.

  Issues regarding cancellation, changes and return of payment are best addressed with the tourist agency. We can only say that if such thing does occur, we will do our best to live you smiling.