Please read some of the testimonials that our past guests expressed about us:

Prefect organized, bike is in a very good technical constitution, nice and friendly guide [Bobi]. Hope I have a chance to bike again in Macedonia, especially Ohrid.

Wolfgang Schabereiter, custom tour 23 April 2015

Дечките се супер. Се прилагодуваат на туристите и практично стануваат дел од нив.

Emilija Andreevska, custom team building 26 April 2015

Best tour ever. Rante is a very sympatic person with a friendly way of approaching people. His knowledge about history and country side is impressive.


Stefan Kuehne, Vodno Peak tour 29 June 2015

It was well shown that Bojan and the staff cared and did whatever they could to assist us, guide us and make our stay remarkable.!!

Dana Levav, custom 9 day tour 30 June 2015

We were very pleased with the organization, the guidelines along the 9 days we were together. The service and help during the trip was beyond our expectations :-)

Boaz Amir, custom 9 day tour 30 June 2015

We were most pleasantly surprised with the constant ongoing care and support we got from the organizers during every day of the tour.

Gavriel Raanan, custom 9 day tour 30 June 2015

Riding with Bojan is like riding with an human encyclopaedia.

Lars Sofianidis, custom tour 30 July 2015

A trusting and professional company. Good tips, dedication and personal treat. I felt overwhelmed with the treat I received.

Eduardo Guerrero, Canyon Matka tour 9 August 2015


Prilep Field