Day 1:
 Arrival in Skopje. Orientation meeting over a dinner in a restaurant. After the dinner there will be a possibility for a walking night tour of the Skopje City centre.
 Accommodation will be provided in a hotel in Skopje city centre. 
 For those with an early arrival, a bicycle excursion around Skopje can be arranged.

Day 2:
 The first day of riding is taking us uphill from Skopje towards Karadzica Mountain. We start with flat 20 km long, asphalt road that takes us to the village Markova Susica. There we make a short break to see Marko Monastery and enjoy a moment by Marko River. Then we head uphill, on an asphalt road to the village Cvetovo. From there we continue to an unpaved road to the place Prazni Torba (Empty Bags), which is our highest point of the day. The road takes us through forests and gradually our view opens to the landscape of the Jakupica massif. From Prazni Torba we look at the mountain we need to cross the next day. From there the road becomes flat and slowly going down to the place Preslap (Crossing) Then we make a descent on a dirt road to our hotel. The hotel is also a fishery, so we can enjoy a meal of fresh fish. Day’s distance is 43 km, on asphalt and dirt roads. Lowest point: 237 m.a.s.l. Highest point: 1344 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 1398 m. Descent: 706 m.
 Accommodation in a hotel.

Day 3:
 The second day of riding is going over the mountain massif Jakupica. We start from our hotel and head up on a dirt road to the centre of the massif. We enjoy the landscape there, and if we are at the right time there will be wild strawberries and raspberries. Then we make a descent to the village Gorno Jabolciste. We pause for a moment to explore the village, and then we head downwards to the village Nezilovo, where we will stay for the night. In Nezilovo there is also a fishery, and a possibility to eat a different kind of fish speciality. The day’s distance is 37 km. Lowest point: 645 m.a.s.l. Highest point: 1577 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 1419 m. Descent: 1671 m.
 Accommodation in a private house.
 Option for the most enduring is to go all the way to the peak Solunska Glava (Head of Thessalon) which will increase the difficulty of the road by adding: 30 km, and 1160 m ascent to the 2538 m.a.s.l. peak. It is said that on a clear day one can see Thesssalonica from there.

Day 4:
 The third day of riding is almost a rest day. We ride down from Nezilovo all the way to Veles on an asphalt road. Along the way we travel by Babuna River and have some opportunities to cool off. We make stops in village Bogomila for a pause and in village Teovo to enjoy the rest under the branches of the old sycamore tree which is also the centre of the village. In Veles we have an option to make a tour of the town and to taste the traditional Veles (meat) pie. Day’s distance is 57 km, all downhill and on asphalt. Lowest point: 162 m.a.s.l. Highest point: 680 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 421 m. Descent: 929 m.
 Accommodation in a hotel in Veles.

Day 5:
 The last day riding is like a cream to the cake. We start riding on an asphalt road from Veles and shortly after we get to Mladost Lake, where we stop for a quick swim. Then we continue along the old road to Skopje taking a challenge to ride up to Crn Vrv (Black Peak) on a steep, gravel road. There we have the opportunity to see a landscape that goes as eyes can see. But also to see an abandoned ex Yugoslavian military missile base. We head down to village Brezica and then to village Katlanovo. Since Katlanovo is a spa, we have the opportunity to have a moment of recuperation in the spa that has been used ever since Roman times. Lastly we head back to Skopje and the hotel so we can have a good feast to celebrate the end of the tour. Day’s distance is 55 km, on asphalt and gravel roads. Lowest point: 172 m.a.s.l. Highest point: 768 m.a.s.l. Ascent: 938 m. Descent: 861 m.
 Accommodation in a hotel in Skopje.

Day 6:
 For those that have late departures, a bicycle excursion around Skopje can be arranged.



6 days package

4 days riding


April to October

on request




meeting point

hotel in



2817 m of ascents

2817 m of descent


1577 m.a.s.l. highest point

237 m.a.s.l. lowest point


from paved roads

to dirt roads


group size

4 to 8 people


  • On this tour, you carry all that you have and that you need, including the daily snacks.
  • There are plenty of water points along the road, but having an extra water bottle is a must.
  • On several occasions we will have a possibility to swim or jump in a river. Bring your swimming suite. 


  • Support terrain vehicle for the whole tour, including a driver. Not included in the price, total costs is additional 41300 MKD / 670 € for the whole group.
  • Luggage transfer from one place for overnight to another. Not included in the price, total cost is additional 15600 MKD / 260 € for the whole group.
  • Dietary requirements can be met: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergies, but the food experience may be lost.
  • Self guided bicycle tour is possible. GPS track and a map at availability. Depending on the arrangement, decrease in price will occur.  


 This tour is on request only, by booking one week in advance.

 Package: guide on a bicycle, accommodation, snacks for the ride, breakfast and dinner.
 Options and customization: transport, full suspension bicycle, change of difficulty, and duration.
 Please ask for a price quotation.

 Payment in cash, bank transfer or credit card via our partner tourist agency.
 Prices presented here are expressed with VAT.
 For information and reservation please contact us.
 Please read our terms and conditions.