Achieve connection amongst your colleagues through a cycling tour.

 At Bicycle.MK we deliver active, fun and memorable bicycle challenges that build a sense of achievement and spike enthusiasm among colleagues. 

 You are welcome to contact us so we can provide you with a custom offer to meet your needs. Whether that be for your staff or your clients, a one day activity or a multiday tour, a small group or a large group of over 100 participants, we are here for you.

Corporate Bicycle Tour Elements

 We develop our corporate bicycle tours in partnership with you, designing it to fit your needs. Our offer can include some or all of the elements that will make your brand to stand out and resonate:

  • Expert bicycle guides - Our guides will provide dedication and support to you and your guests making the ride along a carefully devised route to be a real enjoyment, yet a challenge.
  • Bicycle rental - You can bring your own bicycles or rent some of our quality hardtail mountain bicycles.
  • Transport of people and bicycles - Wherever the destination is, the transport can be comfortable for both people and bicycles.
  • Venue and accommodation at the nicest cycling locations - We cooperate with quality venues and accommodation providers.
  • Wine and gastronomy to remember - Food may be more important than the bicycle tour, so we take those matters seriously when we organise your experience, and in most cases we work with local providers that deliver truly memorable meals.
  • Discovery and culture - Learning about nature, history and culture intertwined with the bicycle challenge experience can render inspiring or life changing moments.
  • Support vehicle - Why carry everything with you, when we can have a dedicated support vehicle to bring extra food, drinks and if needed rainware.
  • Bicycle checks and mechanic support - Our mechanics can provide full service to the bicycles, from pre-ride checks to on road assistance to defects.
  • Activities for non-riders - No need to worry if some from your group does not like to ride bicycles, with our friends and partners we can deliver a complete package for riders and non-riders alike, whether that be adventure activities such as hiking, kayaking, or cultural tours to the sites close to the location of the bicycle tour.
  • Post cycling massage and spa - Enjoy a post-ride massage to ease aching muscles after a hard day of riding, or at some locations a spa relaxing dip.
  • Custom jerseys and merchandise  - Make a real statement by providing branded T-shirts and merchandise like caps, bottles or buffs to the participants. This will make a lasting impact to all participants, and on all photos and videos taken during the tour.
  • Photo and video recording - Use the event to spread the word about your company, and make professional photographs and drone covered video of the tour.
  • Starter's package - Each participant will receive a package of goodies for the tour, from water bottles, snacks and much more.
  • Charity - Have a humanitarian spirit and rise funds for a charity.
  • Marketing and communication - We take care of everything. From communication, entry system, to gathering reviews.



Our Corporate Bicycle Tour Clients

   Damilah, Netcetera, Tricode



"Great choice, beautiful nature, content, roads with no traffic. Both of the guides were wonderful, they spoke with great passion both at the archaeological site and on Cocev Kamen." - participant from Damilah

"I think that nothing was missing. We saw beautiful places and received very useful and interesting information that was new to me." - Participant from Damilah

"Great organisation, dedicated attention to the participants and an interesting tour on account of the things that we saw along the road." - Ana, from Netcetera

"Well organised. All obstacles foreseen. The bicycles were in good shape." - participant from Netcetera

"Good coordination, I did not feel that the group was splitting in a single moment. Always compact. - participant from Netcetera