Ovče Pole


 Your days will be filled with variable rides from a couple of hours to rides that extend throughout the whole daylight time. But if you like, night rides can be very exciting. All rides will be arranged the day prior depending on your physical fitness, readiness or simply wishes.

 To name just a few: a 40 km bicycle ride to Vodno peak on an all asphalt road; a 90 km bicycle ride to Mladost Lake on a mixture of paved and unpaved road, just so we can have a good swim; a 60 km ride on dirt roads to a mountain fish restaurant; a 70 km asphalt road bicycle ride to see the monasteries of Skopska Crna Gora Mountain. And there are plenty more. Our guides have been exploring the surroundings of Skopje on a bicycle in the last 20 years, and will gladly take you to the most beautiful spots and most exciting roads. It is THE customizable tour we have.

 You can check out our excursions to get an idea of what we can offer.



days and time


all year round

on request




meeting point


you define


from 200 m ascents

up to 1400 m ascents


1600 m.a.s.l. highest point

150 m.a.s.l. lowest point


from paved roads

to dirt roads


no minimum

group size


  • You can bring all your equipment on this trip. Having to stay in one place makes this easy. So bring swimming and mountain hiking equipment as well. There are plenty of opportunities that you can do here.


  • Accommodation type can easily be altered on demand. Change in price will occur accordingly.
  • For the people younger in spirit, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a day riding a bicycle and a night out clubbing. Our guides can help you out in this as well. Entrance fees or drinks are not included in any package.
  • For the gastronomically inclined people, every day can eat the finest dishes in a different restaurant. Or even take a gastronomic bicycle tour of Skopje.
  • Accompanying people that do not plan to ride a bicycle can join at a reduced price.
  • Dietary requirements can be met: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, allergies, but some food experiences may be lost.
  • Self guided bicycle tour is possible. GPS track and a map at availability. Depending on the arrangement, decrease in price will occur.  


 This tour is on request only, by booking one week in advance.

 Package: guide on a bicycle, accommodation in shared rooms, snacks for the ride, breakfast and dinner.
 Options and customization: transport, full suspension bicycle, change of difficulty, and duration.
 Please ask for a price quotation.

 Payment in cash, on-line, bank transfer or credit card via our partner tourist agency.
 For informations and reservation please contact us.
 Please read our terms and conditions.