Vodno Single Trail 


4 hours total

3 hours ride


all year round

on request




meeting point


you define


1269 m ascent to destination

1269 m descent to destination


1066 m.a.s.l. highest point

252 m.a.s.l. lowest point


40 km round trip

dirt roads and some paved road


no minimum

group size



 This ride is demanding in very good fit. We start in Skopje from your hotel or the agreed location, at an elevation of approximately 252 m.a.s.l. At first, we take back alleys through Skopje to avoid heavy traffic. Then, when we reach the foot of Karšijak Mountain we take the Mountain Bicycle Trail for up to Middle Vodno. The trail makes a slow  and very gradual ascent towards Middle Vodno, that is at 590 m.a.s.l. going through a deep forest. Sredno Vodno (Middle Vodno) is located at about half way from the peak Vodno. It is also a popular destination for an outing, there is a hotel and restaurants. We have an option to take a road going up to the to the peak, or to take an optional cable car to Vodno Peak. The road that goes up, at few locations has very steep sections. If needed we make plenty of breaks to get some breath, but also to refill water and to enjoy the scenic view of Skopje. It is an all asphalt road, and surrounded with forest, which at some parts can be cut off on dirt paths. This is good in summer, when the day is hot, so shade is welcome, however in winter the shade keeps the ice there. So in winter extra care and skills are needed to take the road. After about five kilometers we reach the top. At the top, there is a place where we can have a drink and have a break to enjoy the view. From the top, we have the option to ride on dirt roads and single trails going down on either side of the mountain.

 The road going back follows the same route, as the least frequent road and as the safest route. Though there are plenty options to take dirt roads or the cable car.

 Fun fact: Karšijak is the closest mountain to Skopje. The name implies opposite, because the people in the past lived mostly on the other side of the River Vardar and Karšijak was the mountain opposite them. It used to be bare and all in rocks, and only in the 1950s it was all afforested and made into a Park Forest named after the peak "Vodno" that today is most often used for recreation by many people from Skopje.


  • The cable car does not work on Mondays and every last Tuesday of the month.
  • Bring a camera. There are some wonderful viewpoints.
  • During foggy winter days, this is the only way to get to see some sun.

Vodno Peak 

 The recommended time for departure for summer is 9h, or 17h, while for winter, 10h.
 This tour is on request only, by booking one day in advance.

 Package: guide, hardtail bicycle and helmet
 Options and customization: transport, meals, full suspension bicycle, increase of difficulty, and longer duration.
 Please ask for a price quotation.

 Payment in cash, bank transfer or credit card via our partner tourist agency.
 For information and reservation please contact us.
 Please read our terms and conditions


 "Prefect organized, bike is in a very good technical constution, nice and friendly guide," - Wolfgang Schabereiter 

 "Excellent Ride. Amazing view from Vodno." -  Jeff Covert